Which doctors?

Did you know most people with
NTM also have Bronchiectasis?

NTM lung disease can be very difficult to diagnose and complex to treat. Often it will involve more than one kind of physician, and there are other medical disciplines that can further support you as a patient.

It is important not only to find doctors in certain disciplines, but also those who are knowledgeable in the treatment of pulmonary NTM disease. For example, pulmonologists and infectious disease doctors are two of the most important kinds of doctors when dealing with lung infections, but not all of them are experienced with or knowledgeable about treating pulmonary NTM disease. Because treating this disease in a patient is a team effort, you might want to look for doctors who are willing to work with other medical professionals as part of your “treatment team.”

This website also maintains a list of pulmonary and infectious disease specialists (as well as other specialists you may need) who are knowledgeable about treating pulmonary NTM disease and who follow the treatment guidelines as set out by the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).