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Betsy Glaeser


Betsy Glaeser, an NTM patient for more than 18 years, is a charter member and co-leader of the New York NTM patient support group, and a member of NTMir’s Board of Directors.

Connie Kazanjian

Board Chair

Connie Kazanjian has spent her entire career raising funds to support incredible organizations with just one mission: to help improve the lives of the population they serve.

Debbie Breslawsky


Debbie Breslawsky was diagnosed with NTM in 2000. Being faced with a lack of knowledge of this “mysterious condition,” her quest for information led her to find patients with this same condition.

James Zimny


Jim is the Controller for Suchman Retail Group, Inc., a South Florida commercial real estate company.

Michael D. Iseman, MD

Board Emeritus

Dr. Iseman recently retired as Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado with appointments in both the Divisions of Pulmonary Medicine and Infectious Diseases.

Philip Leitman


Philip Leitman likes to tell people that the most important job he ever had was caring for his late wife, Fern, who was ill for nearly two decades with a complex resistant Mycobacterium Abscessus pulmonary infection.

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