Did you know most people with
NTM also have Bronchiectasis?

NTM is an environmental pathogen, so it’s important to focus on environmental sources of exposure. People who may be susceptible to infection, who already have an NTM infection, or who have had a past infection should all take care to reduce exposures to NTM and other pathogens that may compromise their health. Though there are few studies on the efficacy of reduction and prevention techniques, there are basic, cost-effective, common-sense things you can do. Please see reducing exposure below.

Influenza can be serious for a patient with an NTM infection. For patients with chronic lung diseases such as NTM or BE. An annual flu shot and a periodic vaccine against pneumonia is generally advisable. Please avoid contact with people who have colds or the flu or with items they’ve touched or used. Wear a mask when needed.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently, and carry hand sanitizer with you when handwashing is impossible.