Use Pre-Paid cards to support NTMir

You can do your everyday shopping and great gift-giving while supporting NTM Info & Research! NTMir is able to sell gift cards with no activation fees to major national and regional retailers. In return, the retailers donate a percentage back to our organization.

In 2013, a handful of people took advantage of this program with great results. For example, one patient had decided to buy a new mattress at a major department store, and ordered the gift cards ahead of time to make the purchase. With that and other orders like it, NTM Info & Research made over $2,000! If just a few people did this, imagine what more can do!

Because orders are placed in bulk, those small percentages can really add up, making this is a great opportunity for you to take the list of fabulous stores and restaurants and show it to your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. You pay the face value of the cards through our organization, and in return you get your shopping done AND support a worthy cause! You can even use the cards for your own everyday purchases, whether for yourself or someone else.

Just print out the attached list/order form. Show the list to everyone you know who may be interested in participating, take their orders and payment, and when your order is complete, fill out the order form and send everything to us. We’ll send the order straight to you! (Contact information is provided at the top of each page of the list).

Click here to download or print the gift card list and order form!

You can also set up your own account to shop for gift cards online! It’s just as easy… just log onto, go to “Family Sign Up” and create an account. You’ll be asked to enter an Enrollment Code specific to NTM Info and Research which will link you to our organization, and that code is FA2DA9FF28597. You can then enable Presto Pay and pay on-line rather than send us a check. After you have signed up for Presto Pay, you will receive an email with a code; please forward it to so your account can be approved for ordering.

In addition to the convenience of ordering from your own home, another great feature is the option of re-loading your cards when they run out! Log on to sign up for your account today at

Got questions? Want to phone in your order? Call Amy at 305-667-6461, ext. 32.

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