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Do you use a nebulizer – check Nickel?

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    I do not want to scare anybody but I am finding HUGE levels of Nickel in my blood, measured for the first time so unfortunately I do not have a baseline.

    I have several suspects but one (hypothesis) is the nebulizing device which I am using since about 2.5 years. Doing hypersaline 3% inhalations. The small portable battery powered compression has surely (checking that w/ manufacturer) some nickel containing alloys. Also doing a bronco-dilator (tiotropium bromide monohydrate + olodaterol hydrochloride) prior to nebulizing.

    Have you ever checked in blood your nickel level since you started your nebulizing therapy?

    Can someone tell experience or ask a competence centers such as NJH, Tyler etc…?

    Thanks a lot!

    No fundamental environmental exposures that I can think of (such as industrial etc ..) and food is not expected to be the culprit. Another suspect is a mandibular traction device I am using since 8 years (so even more time than the nebulizer) for a mild sleep apneae, which has also nickel containing parts, checking also that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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