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Digestive System/ GI tract issues

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    Brenda Rigbybrendarigby

    Hi all you fellow warriors!

    I wonder if any of you ever feel like NTM moves from body system to body system looking for a weakness? I’ve only been diagnosed 4 years, but It seems to me if my sinuses and lungs are doing OK, my digestive system is not. They’ve checked me out and determined it’s “gastroenteritis”, probably bacterial in nature (dysentery, cramping, aching, discomfort.) Anyone else have trouble with this? (I have MAC, m. absescessus in lungs & sinuses, aspergillus, but my immune system is OK.) Also I am developing “lumps” under my skin (subcutaneous) near my elbows, along my ulna bone, which have been biopsied and diagnosed as “granuloma annulare” (short for “we have no idea”.) I spike a little temp every day, get the aches, I”m tired, but otherwise functioning at a very high level, my doctor says, still working full time and exercising almost daily, along with daily airway clearance. Just curious. I wish everyone well!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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