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To X10082007, yes I have heard of Dr. Stephen Ruoss at Stanford. He has done some considerable research on MAC. The references to his published papers are on the Stanford website under his Bio. He was also a speaker at an international conference on Non-TB mycobacterial disease, and he is also one of the members of the subcommittee that helped to author the 2007 American Thoracic Society NTM disease treatment recommendations.
I have also been considering trying to get in to Stanford to see him. I don’t know if he is still as interested as he was in MAC or if he has published anything recently on it, but wouldn’t hurt to check him out. I also have a friend who works with a doctor who used to do chest surgery at Stanford. She is supposed to find out for me whether he knew Dr. Ruoss when he was there, and what his opinion is of him, especially in treatment of MAC patients. Will post back to you when I find out more.