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Hello Everyone. Very controversial topic. Being an airline employee for the past 33 years I have to dispute what Dr Eiseman said. I fly all over the country and have never caught anything on a plane unless the person sitting next to me or behind me was sick. I have spoken to many flight attendants and pilots about this very subject. You have to remember they are subjected to air on a plane as much as we are, if not more, considering the amount of flying they do. The air filters on a plane are supposedly top notch. Airlines can’t afford to have their employee’s sick all the time now can they?

I have to agree if you sit next to someone that’s coughing and sneezing you will be effected by the close contact, but other than that I don’t think you have to put flying on your list of “should not do”.

Whenever flying I am very aware of whoever is sitting close to me. I especially make sure I’m not sitting next to small children as they are the worse for sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths, etc.

The same thing can be said of traveling in close quarters, ie cars, buses, with any other human being that’s sick. You just have to be aware at all times.