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HI Laura
He did test positive for MAC in 2007, from his bronchoscopy. I did send his results to several Drs. via email with MAC background all agreed that he should not be treated at this time. For some reason 3 ID Drs. feel that young children with normal immune systems can get beat MAC on their own with no underlying disease.
After I found out in 2007 he tested positive, I wanted to treat him immediately, but several Drs. said his levels were not that great and all the thoughts were: 1) Not far enough along to treat; 2) His body was fighting it off 3) bad test sample 4) He had just aspirated the MAC from his stomach into his lungs from his acid reflux and it never actually started the disease and finally most just state 5) it is colonized and keep watching for recurring symptoms. …. It is the last statement that we are working on at this time. We discussed doing another bronch, but we opted to wait until his get sick again vs. just putting him through another procedure when his xray last November did not show any signs of nodules. All the drs. agree that if the MAC is colonized to leave it be because it isn’t spreading. Part of me wants to do another bronch to see if it is still there, but you said, he has already been trhough so much.