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Sorry Donohuyc, I forgot to say that I’m pretty sure when Dr. Mitchell was introducing himself and talking about the surgery,he said something like, “I’ve done thousands (?)of these
surgeries” pretty sure he said thousands. He also said all the nurses there are MAC experienced and MAC knowledgeable nurses. Guess we stay there 2 days,then go from Dr. Mitchell’s hospital over to NJC again, for a day, then back to the hotel or wherever you stay.
I may have insurance co denial, because we do have an oncological thoracic surgeon where I live who actually has operated on some patients with MAC, but I want the guy who is experienced with “thousands” of MAC surgeries and who is rated one of the “TOP DOCS” in the U.S. if I’m going to have the surgery. If ins. denies, I will appeal and re-appeal.