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Thanks Sarah, I think I will make an appointment with my family doctor, to let him know the hair loss is speeding up and see if he has any new ideas. Also to ask for a referral to a dermatologist. I have just been reading about a condition of seborrhic dandruff or dermatitis that can cause hair loss if untreated, so am hoping that could be it, instead of inevitable inherited age-related baldness. If I need to get a hairpiece for the front and sides of where my hair is going away, what kind of store do you recommend I start with? A regular wig store you might find in the yellow pages? A hair salon? A beauty supply store? My hair is waist-long with bangs (what’s left of them! the sides of the bangs are gone) so might have a hard time finding something anyway. It seems shallow or vain to be worrying about hair when we have a major disease, but I just don’t have the nerve to walk around half-bald, especially since I still work full-time with the public.