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I do cough at times on the medicines. It’s not even close to as bad as the coughing was when I was off the medicines.

Two things that seem to make the coughing get worse for me, even when I’m on the medicines, are high emotional stress like the kind from an argument or a lot of worry or worrisome situations that don’t resolve such as money problems, etc. Also eating foods that exacerbate reflux or cause stomach upset of any kind will make the coughing worse. My coughing can get going from either of those things and get me to the point where I actually cough up mucousy stuff.

To try to keep the coughing at a minimum I have to try to not get too upset – very hard to do right now and try to watch what I eat. I need to not lie down within 3 hours after eating, sleep on an incline, I need to avoid spicy and fatty foods and acidy foods like tomatoes or tomato sauce type foods, onions, garlic, salad dressings, things like that.

If I didn’t do these things I know I would be coughing a lot more than I do on the medicines. I never used to mind coughing or even give it a second thought, because we all cough. But now I hate coughing very much.

I hope your coughing will eventually get better or happen less often. Once I was on the medicines and the coughing came back, I had to kind of inventory my coughing to see if anything was going on each time that might be contributing to it. That’s how I learned the stress and food connection. -Chris