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I am so sorry and know how hard it is to try to teach when feeling so bad and having no voice. I was a middle school teacher and had to quit at the end of the first semester in 2003 after finding a staph infection in my lungs. I felt so bad and only missed school for the numerous tests I had to have done. The other days I drug myself to school, gave my best, and then came home and hit the couch at 4:30 and bed at 7:30. I was giving my best at school and giving my husband and family scraps. I caught every cold that came around and went from one antibiotic to another. My husband strongly encouraged me to quit, so I did. I know the administrators who had to find a replacement for me did not understand, but I had to do what was best for my health, my family, and really the students I tried to teach. Four years later I found out I have M. Abscessus and had probably had it for five years. I am looking forward to getting off the IV meds in 10 days after being on them for a year and one day today. Also, I try to stay away from sick people, schools in the winter, make few trips to the grocery store in the flu season, and when I don’t feel like getting up…I don’t. I miss teaching but have only had one severe lung infection this year with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

You have a very difficult decision to make and my heart goes out to you. Even my husband who saw me at my worst didn’t quite understand how bad I was until I hit bottom, got on IV drugs, and my life revolved around five bags of meds a day. Again, my heart grieves for you.