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I have never been on a drug coctail for the Mac. When I moved to Florida, the pulmonists at the Mayo clinic use a cycle drug program. Levaquin and doxycycline io days of eac momth. But since I have been here I have grown the Abscessus and know they are trying to figure out the drug program. i am deathly afraid of the Amikacin. How did you do on those drugs? i amgoing to try to get an appointment art NJH this summer. My son and his children live there. I was quite ill this winter and I suspect it is from the new infection. Do you think climate makes a difference? We were going to drive back but don’t think I can take three day drive so now we will fly. There is also supposed to be a great Dr. in chicago, Dr. ccccook who used to be at NJH. Will try him. The doctor I see at Mayo specializes in this disease also, but I have never been evaluated. Thanks for the reply. Look foward to hearin from youj. You also take care!