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Pipsqueak, Thank you so much for telling me about the four pulomonologist’s opinions on NTM. I wondered if there was a controversy. I know I got into the failure to thrive situation really bad before I went back on the meds. I was losing so much weight I looked like I was being starved and I was eating quite a bit. I’ve gained a lot of weight since I’ve been on the meds and I no longer look like a skeleton. I actually have some normal fat on me even though I’m still fairly thin.

My pulmonologist has spent over a year trying to convince me that what I had was serious and could really bring devastating harm to me. I never would believe him until I got so sick and then I was desperate to be put on the medicines to see if I could get some relief. The meds helped immediately and within days my cough was only a once a day or occasional thing. I’m glad I’ve responded to the meds.

I’m going to look up leptin and see what the connection is – whether they believe it’s a lower level of leptin or a higher level of leptin. I know before I got NTM I was hungry all the time and had to really watch my weight and had even been obese at times in my life. Once I got NTM I never had the constant hunger thing but I still liked to eat. The meds have effected my appetite in a wierd way. I can’t even tolerate vegetables and I was a big health conscious type eater before. Now it’s sugar free popscicles constantly and wheat thins. Whatever I can get down and doesn’t repulse me is what I eat. -Chris