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Bette, re/ NTM hitting mainly older women, I did ask the dr. at NJC if he thought that estrogen has a protective effect on prevention of NTMs and he didn’t really know, but
he was mentioning studies on it relating to levels of leptin, a hormone that makes you
feel full and tells you to stop eating. We could look them up on PubMed.

Chris, I have gotten the opinion of 4 different pulmonologists here, and they
do not feel like NTM is a big deal. One of them said he would treat it only if
a person became “Failure to Thrive”, as in sickly and losing weight and looking
really bad. One of them said National Jewish and the Infectious Disease docs
are way too agressive and overtreat everything. I asked the National Jewish doc
if they thought maybe a cystic fibrosis doctor would be more knowledgeable about
MAC and be better to switch too, and he said, Yes, that may be a very good idea,
even though I tested negative for CF on 98 different genes.