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I ran into the same disinterest. Made copies of the American Thoracic Sociecty/Infectious disease society Jan. 07 statement on treatment of NTM’s for my doctors and tried to give them copies to read and keep. They didn’t want them, said they could just go online to read them. Since I figured they would not have time or inclination to really do that, I did talk one of them into keeping a copy. Next time I had a dr. apt. with that dr. months later, I referred to the ATS/IDSA statement and he still was unfamiliar. I pulled out my copy, and showed him, asking hime some questions again in reference to the contents. He dismissed it and just was not interested in it. The othere dr. glanced at it briefly and said, “Those guys tend to overtreat everything anyway” and didn’t care to pursue it.

I think Cargeoma getting her story into the local papers is excellent. Can some of us also try getting some of the womens magazines to print our stories? The cheaper magazines just love to print short true stories about a disease some woman got, that nobody ever heard of. At least it would start getting out there, and into peoples consciousness.