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I have a question about phlegm and where it comes from?? I am always wondering if the drainage I feel in my throat is coming from my sinus cavities? It feels like it is always right at the base of my throat and I think it is draining downwards. It seems to be better for a while after I use a nasal spray and saline wash in my nasal passages. I know at NJ they wanted my bedhead to be at a 35% elevation. Lots was done to help with my throat clearing but it is still there a year later. I have MAC and Bronchiactasis and am on a three day a week medication plan. I would like to hear how it can be diagnoised where the mucous origination is. Anyone have any ideas?? I do know sometimes it does come from my lungs but can it also be from sinus drainage? About 5 years ago I was on a mucous thinning drug called guaifenesin/humbid non-narcotic if I remember right. Now it is an over the counter drug called Mucinex.
When I was taking that drug I stopped a hacking cough and throat clearing. I was feeling so good back then I stopped taking it but now I wonder if anyone here has tried taking a mucous thinning drug? After I was diagnoised with MAC I mentioned it once to a local Dr and he did not want to start me on that again. I am so tempted to try it again but with the other meds I take I am not sure it is the right choice. Would like to hear anyones opinion on this.