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Hi Bette: Thanks for your reply. She had a CT because she had pneumonia and was coughing. When the CT came back with a spot on her right middle lobe, the Dr told her she might have MAC (this Dr is by far no EXPERT in NTM disease. Dr’s in MA are not that familiar with the disease yet. It’s slow coming.) Then he ordered the PET Scan. I’ve not heard of any MAC’er having a PET Scan and am just wondering if he thought the spot was cancer. The Radiologist sent his report and neither Dr nor patient got to see films, which again is raising a red flag. I mentioned to her to get a sputum sample to culture to rule out MAC but she’s hesitant. Her Dr never even talked about a bronchoscopy since she’s feeling good and no longer coughing. She’s convinced that I’m overreacting. My big question is can a spot show up on a CT but not a PET Scan? Also can a spot disappear that quickly? CT that showed the spot was done 3 weeks ago. I suggested she get copies of all tests on CD so she can get them read by an ID Dr.