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Do you have sample letters that could be used as kind of a form letter to give us an idea of what should be written? I sent a message to Dr. Rosenfeld via the internet, but all I could do was tell him about what happened to me and the fact that the word needs to get out to people as well as physicians. I told him about National Jewish as a source of medical papers that pertain to our kinds of NTBM. I sent it via the internet because I learned he is the Editor of Parade Magazine’s health Dept. I also asked him to tell about it on his Fox News TV segments. The stinkin’ website is malfunctioning so it’s not sending properly and I have no way to copy what I wrote and send it again at a later time. If there was kind of a form letter with information then everybody could add or subtract their own info and maybe we could succeed in getting some more publicity and information out to the general public and to physicians.

There is also a physician’s radio station on XM satellite radio. I’m going to try to find out a way to contact that station and ask if they could put information about NTM on one or more of their programs. If any of the rest of you can do this or make contact with Dr. Rosenfeld or Montel program, etc. I think the more the better. -Chris