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I agree that letter writing to the various TV physicians and talk show hosts is a really good idea. I will begin doing that immediately. Publicity for this disease can only help us and others. Even if they put the story ideas on the back burner for now, the letters are there for a slower time when they are looking for something new and different to cover. I think it’s mostly up to the producers which stories get picked or not to be covered. If only someone was a friend or relative of one of the producers we could have an advantage. Like everyone else already noticed, the celebrities are probably too busy signing books and doing appearances and programs, etc. to even be very involved in show topic choices. There is a doctor who is a regular on Sunday mornings on the Fox news channel whose name I can’t remember, but he seems like he’s not as much of a mainline celebrity doctor and he often covers more unusual topics. I just remembered his name – it’s Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld. I’m going to write to him first. The Montel Show often covers medical topics since he has a neuromuscular disease the name of which I can’t remember now. I’m going to write to the producers of his program also and appeal based on their compassionate coverage of medical conditions due to their host’s medical problems.

Thanks for sharing the idea to write to these people. Since I’ve been on the meds it seems like my brain isn’t as sharp to come up with ideas or solutions. I never would have even thought of it and before I would have thought of it in a minute. Regardless, I’m just so thankful I can tolerate the meds this time that it’s worth the tradeoff. I’ll start my letter or e-mail writing campaign asap. It will bring success in time. -Chris