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I’m so sorry that your lungs have worsened. We have exchanged e-mails a few times and you always made me feel better. You encouraged me when I wanted to stop the meds. I’ve also had a lung surgery and they say I need another one too. The first one wasn’t for MAC, I was just coughing up bright red blood, no mucas, and they saw a spot on my x-ray so they decided to remove it. That was in 1992 when my lungs were still good. That surgery left a 12 inch scar. Luckily I was young enough to recover from it. Now I worry if I could go thru it again. I know the surgery has improved but I have other serious health issues. I’ve always wondered if the surgery contributed to my mac now. My Mac was only in the rt lung where they did the surgery. Now it’s in both, after taking the meds. I think it tranfered there from the Nebulizer they had me using. I wish my pulmonary would have listened to me when I told him to just remove my rt lung when my left one was still good. It’s just a yr later but now they are both messed up. By the way, I saw the movie the bucket list today. It was sad but very good. Yes it’s about dying but hey we all have to go sometime. Don’t mean to sound alarming I don’t think you or I are leaving anytime soon.