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Sorry to hear about your problems – the folks at the NIH are very good and they plan everything and things move rather smoothly over there. At this point, they probably will have all the results within the first day or day and a half. I am amazed at how much they can accomplish in that period of time. And staying at the lodge is not such a bad idea – hopefully she will not catch anything else – staying at the hospital has its own risks. So, if she can manage the lodge, I think that is a better option. I was there a few months ago and seriously – after the first day, they had me completely evaluated. Don’t worry, she will be in good and very competent hands – re.: oral drugs – after you have gone through the basic inventory, there aren’t many choices thereafter. I think i.v antibiotics will be the route to go. Pls keep us updated as to what they propose.
Good luck and hope all goes well for her. Keep well.