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lisa and Jrpowell22 thank you so much for your imput, my son has been off of IV for about 10 days, he has fevers off and on but hasnt had one for 3 days,we just pray that we get a good break this time. As for the picc he doesnt mind it much in the winter he wears long selves shirts and the line is up high in his arm, in the summer we cover with a type of wrap and it looks like he has a sprain or some type of medical procedure done. appearance is alot to him he is very private with his disease just close friends and family and of course his girlfriend. He is 6 ft tall and weight is 150 lbs, you wouldnt know he has all of this going on unless we tell you, he was diagnosised at 6 months for failure to thrive. He has stayed healthy until he was 14 years old and it just seemed like things started to blow up, he is now 18 years old and doing really well even with the diagnosises of the mycrobacterium abscessus which seems it wont give us a break. We take things one day at time, and we hope that tomorrow will be better. His grade point this semester at college was a 3.83 which is good because he stayed on the picc the entire time, I worried so much for him. thanks again for the input it is nice talking to people who know what we are going through.