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On the way to work the clouds can be seen moving in thick and heavy. Some folks are saying feet not inches above 9,000ft. My house is at 8,350ft. I may be shoveling all weekend. I just moved 6 miles out of town (distance from work to home) and I am so used to riding my bike each and every day the driving thing is still taking getting used to.
Soryy the Mucinex is not working for you.
Do you training with heart rate or by how you feel? How about nutrition? Do certain foods make you feel more congested than others? I have been staying away from dairy for years now. Really makes a difference. Did you know that a cup of spinach has more calcium than a cup of milk?
Out here there are some pretty mean bugs causing colds all around. I wonder if they are your way as well.
Good luck on the 5 mile run coming up. I hope the wind will be at your back.