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Yep, yep… I’m in VA. The weather isn’t too bad. I like the winters much better than the summers for sure! The summers are pretty hot and just down right yuuuck!! Summer is when I actually first caught pneumonia… weird, huh? Ha

That’s great you are able to rock climb, race bikes and mountaineer. Good for you!! I love rock climbing, but haven’t been since I graduated college 7 years ago! Right now, I just run and do classes at the gym. I use to hate running, but I think fitness is important, plus after running is about the only time I’m able to cough stuff up. Blah!

I’ll have to check around to see what else is around Denver. Sounds like there will be plenty to do. I’m excited and nervous… BUT first, I gotta get accepted there. LOL

Ho hum.. time for bed. My shift starts back up tomorrow bright and early.

I’ll definitely keep in touch. Stay well!