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Thanks!! We took a different route today after work… less hills, but challenging none the less. Today was a bit harder on the lungs too. Not sure what was up with that, but I survived and that’s what counts. I will attempt a 5 mile run with my dad in the morning since I work nights starting tomorrow. Let’s hope tomorrow’s run won’t be too bad. I already feel another infection coming on, so I’ll probably just take it nice and easy…. turtle pace. Ha 🙂

I’ve tried Mucinex before with no luck. The gunk in my lungs is so thick and gross it just doesn’t want to come out. It like gets “stuck” and won’t come all the way up. Very annoying! 🙁 Glad Mucinex is able to help you out. A good work out and then the sauna afterwards usually helps me get the gunk up.

How much snow are you all suppose to get? Send some this way! I love snow!! 🙂

Be safe!