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thanks for the comments. my dr at NIH says he does not have any cases with this bacteria which is pretty rare for pulmonary infections. but children used to be seen with this in cervical lymphonditis which is now rare also. by the way, this the 5th bacteria i have been tested positive with since 2004. M. Avium, M. Abscessus, Seratia, M. Gordonae and now M. Scrofulaceum. I have been treated for all except Gordonae. I read somewheres that Gordonae and Scrofulaceum are very similar, now I am wondering if it was Scrofulaceum all along and i should have been treated for it before I got symptoms. at first i was very upset, but am hopeful that we can get into the correct treatment for it. i will post what the treatment is as soon as we figure it out. but Carole, you are very right, there is ALWAYS someone worse off than us. i am grateful for every day i have and try to live a good, active lifestyle despite the symptoms and drug side effects.