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Hi kplilonis, I have had Kansasii (kan-sas-e-i) I was sick for 4 years before it was discovered. No, it is no contageous and no a TB test should not come back positive. Mine didn’t. I did have large cavities in my right lower lung it was removed. I was on IV amikacin and imipenum for 7 months everyday. In the years waiting to be diagnosed I also acquired abscessus.
I have been treated for both. Dr. Daley, from MJH in Denver is possitive Im now free of Kansasii. It does act like TB, but if the gentlemen has been treated, everyone,including him should be ok.. Not many are aware of Kansasii. My pulmonologist (originally) from Albany Med, NYState had never heard of it.. I was the first case they ever had. ” My 15 minutes of fame” I guess!!!
I hope Ive helped some. Its been 6 months off meds and my ct came back ok this time, Dr. said if it’s treated, its gone. Not so much for the other bacterium, they’re so much harder to get rid of.. as you well know. Cathy