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Everyone’s case is different. Some of us have had MAC or Abscessus for a long time! Personally, I feel what makes a difference is having a specialist in NTM, sending one’s sputum to a good lab which can do sensitivities to find the best possible medications, and then taking the meds faithfully. Additionally, airway clearance is vital: I use an electric vest and an Arcapelo to bring up phlegm, and I also exercise to keep my body as strong as possible. Good nutrition is also vital as the bugs vie with one’s body for calories. Perhaps most important of all is a fighting spirit! Don’t give up! You’re a young man with many years ahead of you and a positive attitude is vital with any illness. Don’t allow a doctor to suggest your time is limited! Only God knows the hour of our death so, until that happens, do your utmost to enjoy each day! Have faith! Sermon ended! Good luck to you!