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Hi Kathy,

I was 54 when I was first diagnosed two years ago.I’ve had a strange, choking cough my whole life.(mostly at night when I was tring to sleep).When I was a child, the doctor told my Mother I had bronchitis and gave me some cough medicine.It seems I would get this cough every year, so I’d take some Robitussin and then it would go away.About ten years ago, I went to an allergy specialist, who gave me all kinds of tests and couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

One doctor recently told me that he could tell by the structure of my lungs that I was probably born with weak lungs.Who knows?

I am now considered “in remission”, after 7 months of IV and a lung resection a year ago.By the way, I am one of the three who met in Lambertville a few weeks ago.