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It’s my impression there’s a reason why one becomes infected in the first place, since these micro-organisms are found everywhere yet only a certain proportion of us fall ill. Sadly, if bronchiectasis develops, one’s lungs are fair game for more infections. Technically, if one has a resection early on, cure is possible, but that’s not to say some bugs haven’t escaped to lodge elsewhere. Additionally, the factors that caused one to develop an initial infection are doubtlessly still there, which is no doubt why relapses happen. That’s not to say, however, that many of us don’t have remissions and do well, even if we have to resume therapy later on. It’s always gratifying to read how people have been off medications for years and feel well. Additionally, even if an infection can only be suppressed, at least there are medications that help, which isn’t always the case with other afflictions that people suffer. Still, it’s my hope that eventually there will be a “magic bullet” that trounces the life out of these bugs once and for all!