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The fatigue is probably one of the biggest factors that affect my life. I do get short of breath and I cough a lot. But sometimes I just cry because I am so sick of being tired. I am a teacher. I work with students who need extra help in math , reading or speak another language. I was offf all last year. This year I am only half time and work with small groups and do paperwork. It is not taxing work. People at work will say to me how about mid morning that it looks like all the color just drains from my face. That my face looks drawn and I look exhausted. I come homearound lunch time. I try to stay up and eat some lunch or play with the dog or do some small chore. Some times I can, but mostly I cannot. Either way I lay down and I am out. My husband will usuallly wake me when he comes home. He makes diinner and he wakes me again. He has a hard time rousing me. It’s like I took a bottle of NYquil. I hate that it robs me of my life. ….time that I could be spending with my husband or dog or working or whatever. I, too, take anti-depressents. There are times that I still feel sad, but if the sadness lasts too long, then it’s probably time to talk to the doctor again. I do also go and talk to a therapist. I think that helps some. I’m sorry. You probably needed to hear some cheery thoughts. On the other hand, you are not alone. Today, I knew I would be home alone, well my 20 yr. old son would be here, but he has his own friends, so like I said, I am home alone. I decided yesterday on one little project I would do. I gave myself until dinner to complete it. I did it. I laid down several times in between. Now I am pooped. I am putting in a movie and going to lay down….hopefully to doze and not completely be gone for the next 4 hours.