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Has surgery and meds cured me? My summaried story starting in 2004 is that I had MAC, went on meds, went to NJ in Denver, found M. Abscessus and P. Aueruginos, went on more meds, went to NIH, had left lung surgery in Denver, went off meds, found M. Scrofolacium and am back on meds. Initial minor left and right lung infections became more widespread. So despite lung surgery and massive doses of meds over the last 3 1/2 years I feel okay, but am disappointed that all these treatments are not more effective, however I do feel that without them I may be in much worse condition than I am now. It is now at the point of trying to stop the latest infections from worsening. I will find out in June if my current treatment is helping. Sorry, but I think any doctor that tells us that meds or surgery will permanently “cure” us should have his/her head examined! By the way, not one doctor – and I have seen the best in the country – have told me this is curable. So I did not have any expectations, yet I do believe in miracles.