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I was there for two weeks in ’05 for my initial treatment and again last December for a full month as I needed to have surgery to take my left lower lung lobe out. I had infusion therapy for two weeks first, then surgery and six days in the hospital, returned to NJ and continued on IVs twice a day, was caught in those big snow storms over Christmas and went home finally Dec. 29th. Personally, I thought their menus were excellent, and I could phone and order what I liked. The chef makes delicious soups and Christmas Day outdid himself with a fantastic roast beef dinner and home made cake! There was something comforting in having nursing care just outside my door, especially when the TV news stressed how many people were stranded at the snowed-in airport, including a patient who’d also had surgery and wanted to hurry home! I read books, called my family on my cell, used the computer, napped, chatted with the nurses, watched the snow fall, and was seen by doctors every morning. Staying at NJH jump-started my recovery for sure!