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Hi Jim: When you cleaned your equipment did you also clean the acapella itself or just the tubing and mouth pieces? I’m so paranoid about introducing more germs into my lungs by not using the right cleaning technique.

Helen: I think my Dr suggested I use the nebulizer along with the acapella to see if this makes a difference in my sputum production and coughing. I have a very advanced case of NTM disease and I think my Dr is just trying anything and everything to see if it works. Each of us is so different in how we react to not only the disease but the various treatments as well. There’s really no set treatment for everyone.

In the past the only center that really promoted airway clearance was National Jewish. I think the other 2 centers are now starting to get on board. Many Dr’s feel that only MAC’ers that have CF will benefit from this treatment. It certainly can’t hurt to try it. Maybe it will work for you. Talk to your Dr about it.