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Thanks everyone for posting your insights and strategies that work well for you. Living with MAC can really run us down. I found after all these years (20+) of living with MAC that my body seems to weaken quickly and lose fitness and strength. I believe this comes from the body trying to fight MAC and get through the daily living takes many more calories and energy then we think necessary to replace with food.
Also, it is so easy to over exert while living with MAC. Developing a routine that works us out well but not too much is key to maintaining health. I leave each workout felling as though I could do more and not fatigued and aching. For me the key comes from being able to recover well after exercise. Getting to the end of the week feeling good is the goal. Not feeling completely exhausted.
As I incorporate my aerobic workouts I increase the intensity and duration in small stepwise progression. If I feel weak, tired, or just not on my game I’ll skip the workout to get rested to be able to come back strong and motivated.

Thanks for posting your workout thoughts.
See you all in DC.