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Okay, I admit it. I’m not really exercising regularly. I read what many of you do and I am amazed. Are you short of breath when you are doing these exercises? At what point do you stop? I get out of breath walking from my car to the door most days.
I do work in a school and have only gone back half time so I do walk back and forth to the office etc. quite often. Some days are bettter than others and for the bad days I stop and rest if the pursed lip breathing doesn’t get me there. I also live in a quad and have ot go up and down stairs to go anywhere in the house, again sometimes sob, sometimes not.
But when I get home from work, I literally pass out for several hours. I feel so wimpy…some of you are running????!!!!!!! I guess I should be a little more diligent and push myself. Part of me is scared that I will make the MAC worse, by doing too much. Did I mention too that I’m a procrastinator?lol. I would seriously like to know though how far do you push it? If you are sob before you start, do you still exercise? Thanks.