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Hi donohuyc,

I am one who has “been through it”.On March 30, ’07, I had a lung resection.Prioir to that, I was on IV for four hours a day.I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there were many days when I felt just as you do.It is now almost a year later,the doctor tells me that I’m “in remission”.I have been off of IV drugs since June, now go bicycle riding, take tap-dance classes, and lift 10 lb. dumbells.

You are much younger than me(I am 55); that is in your favor.I was worried about how I would get back to “normal” after the surgery.The doctors, nurses, family, and friends are what helped pull me through this.Have faith in them, and never give up hope.Believe me, they are all on your side and are all “rooting” for you.