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Peachy, as one who has worn hearing aids all her life, I encourage you to think about trying one. You may not realize how much you are missing. I certainly understand you want to take one step at a time. Just think about it. Meanwhile, you can buy volume control phones to up the volume and use the closed caption feature on your tv to help you follow the shows better if you care to do so. There is also a phone called CapTel that I use (I am deaf) where an operator captions the conversation of the one you are talking to. You never are even aware the operator is there. This phone and other things are free thru your state disability office, all you need to do is call them or email them for locations on where to pick up the items. Unfortunately, hearing aids are not given out that I am aware of and that can be a big expense. My insurance covers it so I am a very very lucky lady. Your insurance may cover it too or at least partially help out. Good luck to you, Peachy.