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If you are speaking of S.S. disability, I do not think so. But it certainly would not hurt to ask. What I did when I applied, was made copies of all my test results and dr. summary reports from Natl Jewish and added that to my mountain of other doctor and test results. I found the job of filling out all the paperwork and collecting the neccessary reports from local doctors daunting, but was able to do it all in about 4 weeks. My doctors did nothing to help except provide specific lab, radiology and dr. reports on request. They may not like it, but too bad. You have to do what you can to help yourself. Do not let the large amt of paperwork discourage you, just take it one page at a time. If one sections seems too complicated, move on to another section then return to the harder part later. I also borrowed from my local library books on how to apply for the disability which was very very helpful. Good luck.