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The caution is not excessive for anyone, especially someone with lung problems. My mother had MAC and cannot tolerate paint fumes at all. I recently had a bad allergic reaction to paint fumes at work and it was not even our office that was being painted. One office was two doors down and one was one floor up. I had problem breathing and missed two days work. When my husband painted our house, I spent a few days with my daughter until the fumes dissipated. Have you considered waiting to have the house painted until you can go away for a few days in the summer? Be sure to open windows and doors to get in outside air and to let out the paint fumes. Also, I’ve been told that VOC paints are better. We will use them next time. It’s better to be safe. I know of two people who are house painters, who are in their early 50’s and both have serious health issues; one had a stroke and the other has cancer.

“Zero or low VOC Paints are environment friendly paints that are odorless paints and have very less impact on the environment. Using the VOC paints (Volatile Organic Compounds) also result in better indoor and outdoor air quality.”