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I just had my first dosage of Amikacin on Friday at an infusion center. But, tomorrow, MOn. a nurse will come to my house and do it here. I think they are going to let me do it by myself eventually—my daughter is a nurse and can do ports. I receive 906mg of amikacin and I weigh 130 lbs.

Most of you seem to have a PICC line. They told me a PICC line only lasted 6 weeks and they were worried about infection. NJH told my ID doc that I will be on this for 5-7 months. They are supposed to take blood samples 2 days a week from the port. I will receive the amikacin 3x per week and then flushed on the weekend.

For those of you that have PICC lines, how often do you have to have them changed? Why did your doctors choose PICC lines over a port or vice versa? Thanks. These disease is so much more complicated than it first appears.