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I have been on Amikacin since last May for M. Abcesses. At first, I was treated with 500mg’s daily and had significant hearing loss. My weekly blood test also showed a peak level of 63. They kept decreasing the mg’s until my peak was between 20-25. It finally leveled out at 350 mg’s three days a week. I also have Meniere’s and had hearing loss before taking Amikacin. My hearing improved about two months after the Amikacin was decreased. Of course, I still have ringing in my ears even though I am on a low sodium diet and take daily diuretics for the Meniere’s. I also infused Primaxim until I had an allergic reaction in December. In addition, I also have been taking 250mg of Azithromycin daily since last May. The good news is that my sputum samples have been negative since June and my ct scan has slightly improved. I wish you the best.