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I’ve had some good results with alternative medicines for different health challenges in my life. There was also an alternative treatment that was being tested at Nat. Jewish using inhaled colloidal silver from a nebulizer about a year or so ago. I don’t know how to search the archives of the forum for that and I’m not sure what their final results were from the treatment.

My main concern with taking the massive amount of the antibiotics is the possibility of resistant mycobacteria that could develop from all that antibiotic exposure that would leave me with no antibiotics that can have any effect on the bacteria. I’m still holding out hope that the gene research they are doing will reveal new treatments that will be effective and rapid. It seems that this microbe can re-infect suceptible individuals. The microbes can become resistant to antibiotics they are exposed to in a person’s system over time. I think that’s why they try to give a minimum of three antibiotics to try to prevent this happening if possible.

Perhaps if you ask the alternative prescriber exactly what herbs are in the formula you are taking you can ask a pharmacist if there is a chance for any harmful interaction. -Chris