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Hi Elaine,
Although you didn’t ask for any info other than about the consolidations, I hope you don’t mind my sharing my husband’s scenario. He has been on the big three for over three years even though his sputum still tests positive for MAI. Other than fatigue and a slight cough, he feels fine. At our recent visit to NIH, they recommended that my husband stays on the drugs until he tests negative or until the drugs cause him problems. I know it’s a very individual thing but personally, I would want a second opinion before taking a drug holiday when still positive. You didn’t mention, however, how you are feeling presently and how the drugs affected you. Every factor makes a difference so maybe your specific situation really does warrant stopping the meds. As Carole stated, this is a very complicated disease so there are no easy answers.We all need to just keep learning as much as we can about this disease and share our stories and offer support. Best of luck to you.