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I oftenwonder the same Bette. Is it the MAC or is it aging? and my hairdressers have always told me, that the two sides of our heads/faces/hair are not exactly alike. I have always had a thinner, limper, extremely dry right side hairs and thicker shinier more cooperative left side.
Anyway, since being a MAC’r, my hair has fallen out, & dried up in spite of super nutrition and great general health. Have you read that book yet, “YOU, Staying young” ? (Reader’s digest also had about a 4-page summary of the book if you want quick and to-the-point.) The book talks about how our ‘telomoreres’ on our genes get shortened up when our bodies are under stress or illness, and how our stem cells get all used up repairing various things going awry, and how this whole process ages the heck out our bodies in many ways. They also offer possible solutions to halt or reverse these ill effects. It’s all explained with funny simple
drawings and explanations,with suggestions for optimizing health.