National Jewish Health has sent out the following information regarding the current shortage of inhaled hypertonic saline:

Currently there is a nationwide shortage of sodium chloride. This is impacting patients with bronchiectasis who perform twice daily airway clearance with hypertonic saline which is also known as sodium chloride. The standard of care is hypertonic saline 7% but it also comes in 3%, 10% and 0.9%. It is not typically advised to use 10% for self-administration; 0.9% or 3% would be acceptable substitutes. All of these solutions are formulated for inhalation. It is STRONGLY discouraged to create your own solution as it could cause serious harm to your lungs.

We are currently advising patients to continue use of their flutter devices and vest therapies twice daily or as prescribed and resume normal airway clearance routine once these products become available again.

NTM Info & Research has reached out to senior government officials currently working on supply chain issues to make them aware of the severity of this shortage and its significant impact on the health and well-being of patients. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we receive them.”

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