How Can I Get a Prescription for ARIKAYCE®?

ARIKAYCE® is now available through prescription from your physician for treatment of refractory MAC lung infection in adult patients. This medication is only available through select specialty pharmacies (listed on the Arikares Enrollment Form), and your physician can prescribe it by filling out Page 3 of the Arikares Enrollment Form (click here to download the form in PDF format). Patients must complete Page 1 of the form. Instructions for submitting the prescription and patient information page are on the form.

Copay assistance may be available either through the Arikares Support Program or through an independent copay assistance program administered by The Assistance Fund. To contact the Arikares® Support Program, visit or call 1-833-274-5273 or 1-973-437-2376. For more information about The Assistance Fund, visit

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